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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: [isis] Uploaded website to
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 09:29:02 GMT
Hi Dan,

see below.

> Hmm, done some poking around on the uploaded website, and noticed a few 
> discrepancies compared to the one that I built locally.
> 2. For some bizarre reason the menu links on the left hand side (under 
> "Components") are wrong in any of the submodule pages.  For example, 
> click into the applib 
> (; all of those 
> "Components" links now are invalid.

this is the same problem that I was referring to several messages 

25th October:

 Also - Dan, anyone? Can you give me pointers to how the relative 
 directory referencing is managed?  All the references work fine from
 "near the top", but if you drill down, e.g. into objectstore, then XML,
 then certain relative references go to pot. For example, from:
 /tmp/m2-sites/isis/alternatives/bytecode/index.html the relative
 references to "Maven Report -> Project Information" works, but
 "Components -> Application Library" doesn't.


I was going to look into this...

> 3. the breadcrumbs are wrong in submodules


As per a prior message, I am getting this with a full build:
mvn site-deploy -D modules=standard -D deploy=local -D site=full


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