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From Alexander Krasnukhin <>
Subject Re: Site & Documentation ideas
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 10:37:17 GMT
I think it's right choice to use Maven to generate docs. It won't take
too long to keep them up to date. From my point of view is perfect. It has only information you
need. Compact & clear. Every java developer is familiar with this

Well, one idea about appearance thats easy to fix. At the left panels background has the same
color as central panel. You don't get visual border for panel &
center. It's not good. Compare with You
have clear distinction between panel & center. Its easer to read &

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 12:08 PM, Dan Haywood <> wrote:
> Picking up on Dave's points, then, the Cocoon site is nice to look at, and
> what's encouraging is that it is a Maven generated site.  Struts is also
> Maven-generated, though not styled particularly.  Wicket looks nice, but
> isn't Maven (I'm pretty sure).
> We probably should distinguish aesthetics from organization.  The fact that
> both Cocoon and Struts are Maven-generated and are easily navigable means
> that there's nothing wrong with our decision to use Maven as a technology
> for writing site docs.  The thing that is important though is that we get
> the organization right.
> I think that Rob and I have a pretty good idea of what we want the site to
> look like; screencasts will only further improve the site.  My view is we
> execute towards that vision first, then see what we want to change.
> In the meantime, though, let's keep the conversation open and capture any
> good ideas on the wiki.  I've captured Dave's points on the Isis wiki, at
> Thx
> Dan
> On 08/10/2010 10:10, Dan Haywood wrote:
> A few of the committers have been having a conversation off-list about the
> site documentation.  I'm just copying some of those points here so that they
> are public, and for others to come in if they have ideas or thoughts.
> Original point that was made:
> It's damn hard to find actual documentation from
> It isn't trivial to click
> Component -> Application Library just to find some concrete docs. I
> think that the site map should be reviewed.
> Dan's thoughts:
> All this stuff is work-in-progress... Rob and I are aware that this
> stuff needs to be very easily accessible.
> If you have any firm ideas, that'd be great; pop them onto the Isis wiki.
> I've
> copied up some correspondence on isis-dev between me and
> Dave there, at
> Rob's thoughts:
> This stuff is so important. Dan and I have been talking about it for a
> while now and its one of the main thing that we need to concentrate on
> for the move to Apache. If you do something, or try to figure something
> out, then make a note of it so we can add it to the documentation.  Dan
> and I will structure and make the documentation build and then we need
> to make it easily accessible.
> I know I'm just repeating what Dan has said, but I want you to know that
> we recognise that and are committing ourselves to working on it.
> Dave's thoughts:
> Hey Everyone,
> I was looking at some of the other Apache projects and I thought the Apache
> Cocoon
> site had a pretty good layout that made it easy to get started and worked
> it's way up
> to contributing to the project.  On the Cocoon site, I find it easy for both
> the beginner
> and the advanced developer to find the information they need within a few
> clicks
> and the documentation and reference material are easy to find.
> Two other sites that I found to be organized well are the Apache Struts and
> Apache Wicket site.
> I think we can take advantage of some of the styles of these sites and make
> it easy
> for all levels of developers to use the site effectively and efficiently.


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