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Subject svn commit: r1142402 - /incubator/isis/trunk/framework/src/docbkx/guide/isis-contributors-guide.xml
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 08:32:13 GMT
Author: danhaywood
Date: Sun Jul  3 08:32:13 2011
New Revision: 1142402

minor updates to contributors guide


Modified: incubator/isis/trunk/framework/src/docbkx/guide/isis-contributors-guide.xml
--- incubator/isis/trunk/framework/src/docbkx/guide/isis-contributors-guide.xml (original)
+++ incubator/isis/trunk/framework/src/docbkx/guide/isis-contributors-guide.xml Sun Jul  3
08:32:13 2011
@@ -3945,7 +3945,8 @@ licenses to remove from supplemental-mod
           <para>"Release candidate" version numbers (RCx) should NOT be used
           for releases, because once a release has been voted on it must not
           be altered. The corollary of this is that it IS allowed to use the
-          same version number for multiple releases.</para>
+          same version number for multiple release candidates (of course, only
+          the last of these will ever be promoted).</para>
         <para>In the sections that follow, we use
@@ -3962,7 +3963,7 @@ licenses to remove from supplemental-mod
    -m "branching to create x.x.x-incubating"
 cd .../trunk/framework   # your local workspace for isis/trunk/framework
-cd ..
+cd ../..
 mkdir -p branches/x.x.x-incubating</programlisting>
           <para>Then, perform an <code>svn copy</code> from trunk:</para>
@@ -3971,7 +3972,7 @@ mkdir -p branches/x.x.x-incubating</prog \
     -m "copying trunk to branches/x.x.x-incubating/framework"
-cp -R framework branches/x.x.x-incubating/framework</programlisting>
+cp -R trunk/framework branches/x.x.x-incubating/framework</programlisting>
           <para>Finally, use <code>svn switch</code> to update your local

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