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Subject svn commit: r1050004 - /incubator/isis/trunk/applib/src/site/apt/index.apt
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 15:27:30 GMT
Author: danhaywood
Date: Thu Dec 16 15:27:29 2010
New Revision: 1050004

fixing up the APT for applib (ISIS-21)


Modified: incubator/isis/trunk/applib/src/site/apt/index.apt
--- incubator/isis/trunk/applib/src/site/apt/index.apt (original)
+++ incubator/isis/trunk/applib/src/site/apt/index.apt Thu Dec 16 15:27:29 2010
@@ -17,7 +17,18 @@
 Application Library
- The Apache Isis Application Library - or AppLib - is the only dependency that your 
- domain objects have with Apache Isis itself.  It holds a set of interfaces
- and annotations that are used by the framework to infer business rules and constraints.
+ <Apache Isis> works using convention-over-configuration; you write
+ your domain objects following a set of conventions, and these are interpreted
+ by the framework in order to render, persist, remote or otherwise interact
+ with your domain model.
+ These conventions are together known as the <Apache Isis Programming Model>.
+ The <Apache Isis Application Library> - or AppLib - constitutes those elements
+ of the programming model that are declarative (such as annotations and 
+ interfaces).  It also contains the <<<DomainObjectContainer>>> interface,

+ which is normally injected into your domain objects and represents the
+ only point of coupling from your domain into the framework. 
+ See the AppLib guide ({{{./docbkx/html/guide/isis-applib.html}HTML}}
+ or {{{./docbkx/pdf/isis-applib.pdf}PDF}}) for further details.

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