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From Neeraj Joshi <>
Subject [VOTE][RESULT] Imperius 1.0.0 rc6
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 20:44:47 GMT
Hello All,

Voting on the Imperius 1.0.0rc6 candidate release has concluded

1 binding +1 vote

 6 non-binding +1 votes

Kevan Miller(*) +1

David Kaminsky +1
David Wood +1
Mark Carlson +1
Erik Bengston +1
Xiping Wang +1
Jorge Lobo +1

Comments received:

1. Comments from  Erik Bengston 

>- In the zip/tar file we have a /log.txt file that should be removed.
>- Inside the jars we have a /META-INF/maven that should be removed too.
>- imperius-splcore-1.0.0.jar does not have NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt
>- IMO, the lib/javaspl-samples-1.0.0.jar should be moved to
>- IMO, NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt files in jar files should lie in
>META-INF folder.

It was concluded that it is too early to make all/any Apache Imperius 
artifacts available in the Maven

The other issues did not violate Apache policies and would be accommodated 
in subsequent releases.

2.  Comments from Kevan Miller

>I note that the source distribution contains the following file: 
imperius-cimsplclientsideprovider/ which >is 
not in the svn tag. The contents of this file are:


This file is innocuous and gets generated during JUnit testing 

I will now take this vote to the general mailing list for a final vote. 
We still need 2 +1 votes from IPMC members.


Neeraj Joshi (knee-rudge)
Apache Imperius -

Neeraj Joshi/Durham/IBM@IBMUS
12/04/2009 10:06 AM
[VOTE] Imperius 1.0.0 rc6

 Hi All,

 The Imperius 1.0.0  RC6 release candidate has been tagged, packaged, 
 and is ready for a vote. The artifacts, KEYS file, RAT report and release 

notes can 
 be found at

 The tag from which the release artifacts were generated can be found 

 Revision no is 887217

 In addition, my PGP public code signing key can be found at the MIT 
 key server (

 The KEYS file is checked in at

 Please vote to publish this release by Tuesday, Dec 08 18:00 EST.,
 please include the testing you performed to arrive at your vote
 [  ] +1 Publish
 [  ]   0 Abstain
 [  ] -1 Don't publish, because...

 Upon a positive majority of binding votes and no binding vetoes, the
 results of this vote will be brought to the Incubator PMC and voted 
 upon there.


Change log:
1. Checked in the build.xml from the release artifact into the SVN tag. 
All the release artifacts
from previous candidate (r5) are the same.
2. Updated the SVN revision number.
3. Left the redundant zip/gz files as is.
"It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my 
reasons for them". -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Neeraj Joshi (knee-rudge)
WebSphere XD - Compute Grid
Apache Imperius -

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