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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: July podling incubator board reports
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 21:50:34 GMT

On Jul 17, 2009, at 11:44 AM, Neeraj Joshi wrote:

> Hi Mentors,
> I am starting to gather information on what needs to be done to  
> create an
> incubator release. So far I have been referring to the
> there seem  
> to be
> a lot of 'TODO's in that document.

That's as good of a guide as you're going to find. You can expect that  
you won't get everything right, the first time. Plan on this being an  
iterative process. Also, plan on the process taking more time that you  
think it will...

> Our download structure seems to have most of the artifacts listed in  
> the
> documentation in terms of source code folder, license, notices etc
> We have the following
> 1. a source zip
>        a. License
>        b. Notice
>        c. Folders for each of the components in Imperius following the
> maven structure
>                cimspl-samples
>                imperius-cimsplclientsideprovider
>                cimspl-common
>                imperius-cimsplextension
>                imperius-cimsplprovider
>                imperius-javaspl
>                imperius-javasplextension
>                imperius-splcore
>                imperius-spleditorcore
>                javaspl-samples
> 2. binary zip
>        a. docs
>        b. lib
>        c. samples
>        d. license
>        e. notice
>        f. readme
> In terms of bugs we plan to review the open ones and figure out  
> which ones
> are critical and need to be closed prior to the release
> Do you see any missing pieces in the distribution structure that we  
> have
> currently?
> Do you have any other pointers on what would be the best way to go  
> about
> building this release?

The only think that I notice is missing in the above, is an Incubator  
DISCLAIMER, which is required for Incubator releases.


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