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From David Wood <>
Subject Re: ACL policies
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 14:32:28 GMT

Yes, on point 1 we will need to figure out how to allow the handling of 
multiple condition results, although I think we can probably pass all 
values back and allow the caller to implement their own mechanism for 
combining values (the combination may be implementation specific). 

On point 2, I think you're pointing out the fact that all we'd be using is 
the condition, and so the decision statement is irrelevant but still has 
to exist.  Yes,  the decision becomes pretty much irrelevant, but we could 
simply populate it with some valid but innocuous operation. 

David Wood 
Network Server System Software Group
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
914-784-5123 (office), 914-396-6515 (mobile)

Neeraj Joshi/Durham/IBM@IBMUS
08/27/2008 10:12 AM
Re: ACL policies

Hi David,
I agree with your idea conceptually but there are a few things to consider 

before doing this

1. A policy can have multiple subpolicies (each with their own 
conditions). I guess the trick would be to determine how to populate this 
EvaluationStatus object.

2. To keep things in sync with the CIM-SPL spec. Currently the spec 
expects a numeric return code (or an exception) as a result of policy 
execution. So we would have to 
figure out how this can be accomodated. 


"The light at the end of the tunnel...may be you"

Neeraj Joshi
WebSphere XD - Compute Grid
Apache Imperius -

David Wood/Watson/IBM@IBMUS 
08/27/2008 09:42 AM
Please respond to


ACL policies

I sent something on this topic a couple of weeks ago and did not get a 
response, so I'll try again with perhaps a bit more motivation...

We would like to be able to implement ACL policies in SPL that do not 
depend on implementation-dependent anchor classes to capture the results 
of the decision.  My suggestion is to use the condition statement 
evaluation results to implement ACL policies.  If people agree, then we 
need to be able to retrieve the result of the condition evaluation after 
policy evaluation.  Currently all that is returned by SPLPolicy.evaluate() 

is a status code (error, success, not evaluated), but we could simply 
change this to return a new EvaluationStatus object that contains the 
condition results, current status value, and any other data that might be 
useful in the future. 

If I don't hear from anyone that this is a bad idea and would not be 
acceptable in Imperius, I guess I'll go ahead and try implementing this.

David Wood 
Network Server System Software Group
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
914-784-5123 (office), 914-396-6515 (mobile)

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