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From Erik Bengtson <>
Subject misc questions part 2
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 12:54:13 GMT
>NRJ: The factory is a good idea. What do you have in mind in terms of a
>user interface?

I just thought in rationalizing the current APIs and make all user exposed
methods interface based.

If I understand correctly, there are two kinds of API: User API, Service
Provider Implementation API

User API is the user view to imperius
SPI API is for instance the datastore interfaces, mostly the one in the external

>NRJ- There is a direct correlation between the arguments passed to the
>evaluatePolicy method and the imported classes/instances within the
>For e.g.
>If the import statement in the policy is as follows:
>Import Class a : a1,a2;
>Import Class b: b1,b2;
>Then the evaluatePolicy method call  would have inputMap as the parameter
>Map inputMap =  ["a" --> instanceInfoListForA]
>                ["b" --> instanceInfoListForB ]
>instanceInfoListForA = [instanceInfoA1  , instanceInfoA2]
>instanceInfoLIstForB = [instanceInfoB1 , instanceInfoB2 ]

IMO non declared instanceinfo objects could be silently ignored. e.g.

Map inputMap =  ["a" --> instanceInfoListForA]
                ["b" --> instanceInfoListForB ]
                ["c" --> instanceInfoListForC ]

instanceInfoListForA = [instanceInfoA1  , instanceInfoA2]
instanceInfoLIstForB = [instanceInfoB1 , instanceInfoB2, instanceInfoB3 ]
instanceInfoLIstForC = [instanceInfoC1 ]

B3 and C1 could be silently ignored since the policy has:

>Import Class a : a1,a2;
>Import Class b: b1,b2;

I can create a patch if you agree.

6) Simplified User API by hiding InstanceInfo?


Map map = new HashMap();
map.put("a1", myobjecta1);
map.put("a2", myobjecta2);
map.put("b1", myobjectb1);
map.put("b2", myobjectb2);


Internally, PolicyManager.executePolicy can create InstanceInfo.

7) Properties Loader (customexpressions): Currently custom expressions are
configured in a property file placed at the user.dir or splhome. I propose the

- change properties to xml format
- default naming of the file would change from to
- imperius.xml would be loaded by default from the locations: cur.dir, user.dir
and splhome.
- allow configuring customexpressions via the SPLPolicyRuleProvider interface.
The operation void registerExpressions(InputStream xml) is added to the

<spl-expression class-name="sample.SendMail"/>
<spl-expression class-name="sample.ExecuteCommand"/>

- Externalize ACPLParserMap expressions registration to another XML file:

I can also provide a patch.

8) Access to protected resources. System.getProperty, Class.forName, etc

None of the access to these resources happen in privilege blocks, so imperius
won't work in secured environment.

9) Cosmetic: There are plenty of messages output to system.out. These should be
moved to log.

10) Logging code should be enclosed within a check condition:


if( logger.isDebugEnabled() )

11) Samples in the JavaSPL should be moved to its own module. I propose

12) Unit tests should be moved to /src/test/

12) Sources should be moved from /src/ to /src/java/ or /src/main/

13) Cleanup code: Remove commented out code; Remove empty methods such as static
mains..; make classes private when possible

14) Code Formatting: use of Apache Geronimo coding style?

15) Prevent nullpointerexceptions. in some cases I got NPE, so need to prevent
these situations. I propose to create unit tests for the test cases I have and
provide a patch.


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