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From Neeraj Joshi <>
Subject Re: Structure of the repository
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:41:55 GMT
Perhaps a quick introduction to what we have in our CVS currently would 
help you'all recommend what would be the optimal repository structure.

1. We have several eclipse projects in our current setup. They are as 
   a. SPLCore - As the name suggests is the core SPL policy processor 
   b. JavaSPLProvider - This is the Java binding for SPL
   c. CIMSPLProvider - This is a CIM binding for SPL that runs on the 
OpenPegasus Server
   d. CIMSPLClientSideProvider - This is another CIM binding for SPL that 
runs independant for CIM servers
   e. SPLEditor - This is an eclipse based editor for SPL
   f. CIMSPLEditor - This is an editor extension for CIM
   g. JavaSPLEditor - This is an editor extension for Java
   h. SPLCustomExpressions - This contains some sample custom expressions 
(custom expressions is a way to extend the built-in set of SPL 
   i.  SPLDemo - A couple of samples
   j. ImperiusSite - The static HTML files for the website (under 

2. Each project has a 
\bin - for generated binaries
\src - src folder
\lib folders  - prereq libararies
and build.xml

3. Currently we are using plain ANT.  A master build.xml drives builds 
under each of the above listed projects

4. The generated targets are as follows:

a. - Contains the required jars and samples and some 
scripts to run the samples
d. EclipseUpdateSite - That contains 2 features JavaSPLEditor and 
e. SPLDemo - Contains the required jars and scripts to run the demo

So I guess we could put all the projects listed under 1. under the trunk 
and at the same time have them under a release branch marked 1.0 or 
Another issue to discuss is what would be our release process - how to 
determine schedule, what criterion to use to promote a build to a release 
build etc 

Suggestions? comments?

"'In the end, everything is fine. If it is not, it is not the end" 
Neeraj Joshi
Autonomic Policy Development
Autonomic Computing Division
TIE: 441-5298
Ext: 3-5298

Craig L Russell <Craig.Russell@Sun.COM> 
Sent by: Craig.Russell@Sun.COM
12/10/2007 02:29 PM
Please respond to


Structure of the repository

Now would be a great time to discuss the structure of the repository.

Under the root (incubator/imperius) we currently have only board.

What most projects do is to add a trunk for current (possibly broken 
in small ways) development, branches for maintained branches as well 
as multi-developer features that are too incomplete for the trunk, 
and tags for released code.

Under trunk, complex projects with multiple jar files often have 
several sub-projects, each of which has a structure suitable for the 
build/integration tool. For example, openjpa uses maven to build and 
has openjpa/trunk/openjpa-jdbc/ in which you find src and target 
directories and the pom.xml that defines the openjpa-jdbc sub-project.

Some also have their site as a directory in the main repository. 
Others use Confluence and publish directly to the web.


Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System
408 276-5638
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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