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Subject svn commit: r606492 - /incubator/imperius/trunk/trunk/site/community/contribute.html
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 21:02:59 GMT
Author: jneeraj
Date: Sat Dec 22 13:02:59 2007
New Revision: 606492

Modified build steps


Modified: incubator/imperius/trunk/trunk/site/community/contribute.html
--- incubator/imperius/trunk/trunk/site/community/contribute.html (original)
+++ incubator/imperius/trunk/trunk/site/community/contribute.html Sat Dec 22 13:02:59 2007
@@ -192,14 +192,14 @@
 <a name="N10051"></a><a name="bulidjavaspl"></a>
 <h3 class="boxed">Building Imperius with Java binding (JavaSPL)</h3>
-				      Download the build file to a directory where you'd like to create the JavaSPL distribution
and run <strong> ant   </strong> from that directory.
-				      Latest files from the Imperius repository will get downloaded automatically (subsequent
runs of the build will use your local copy of the files). 
-				      The distrubtion binaries get generated under  /dist. 
+				      Checkout code to a directory of your choice using <strong> svn co
+				      Change directory to <strong> trunk</strong> and  run <strong>
ant   </strong>.
+				       The distrubtion binaries get generated under  /dist. 
-<a name="N1005F"></a><a name="eclipsedev"></a>
+<a name="N10065"></a><a name="eclipsedev"></a>
 <h2 class="boxed">Developing with Eclipse</h2>
 <div class="section">
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@
 	 Next, follow the steps below to configure eclipse for the specific Imperius binding you
-<a name="N10076"></a><a name="eclipsejavaspl"></a>
+<a name="N1007C"></a><a name="eclipsejavaspl"></a>
 <h3 class="boxed"> Set up Eclipse for Imperius with Java binding (JavaSPL) </h3>

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