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From Rafal Rusin <>
Subject Re: HISE deployment
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 17:06:35 GMT

On 21 September 2010 06:53, Akhilesh Singh <> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I  have been following HISE discussions silently for quite some time now.
> Today I built hise from trunk and after spending some time with minor
> irritants, was able to successfully deploy the code on tomcat. I used mysql
> as backend database.
>   Here are some feedbacks for the whole experience:
> 1) Can we create a document for step by step installation process? I will be
> more than happy to volunteer for such a doc.

Yes. Currently we have user guide and developer guide:
It can be modified by sending patches to this thing:
(it's docbook style).

> 2) JSR-181 jar issue is understood but do we have any solution for this? In
> worst case, we can create a note in the installation document.

As I sent previous email, I modified version and it worked for me.
Please try it out, then if it works for you also, I will apply it.

> 3) Hise-web does not initialize the user repository in DB and hence it is
> not able to authenticate user while Hise-fe simply uses XML config as user
> service. I see two solution to this :
>       i) Merge user management of hise-fe and hise-web to use same DB.
>             a) Hise-fe will continue to use spring security out of box but
> will refer to DB and use jdbc user detail service while referred table will
> be hise_entity.
>      ii)  Create a spring bean which will initialize the user table when
> system is coming up with demo data.

Yes, hise-fe is kind of new contribution. Currently we are thinking
about cleaning up architecture a bit.
In this case merging permissions datastores is the way to go.

Also, I think hise-fe shouldn't communicate over cxf (and ws-security)
in order to fetch information about tasks.

> 4) Can we make the interface in English? I think this will help to increase
> the base of users who are just interested in having a peek at such a highly
> required standard.

Indeed :-). This is something we did accidently.

> As I am new to HISE, I will prefer some feedbacks from veternas in this
> project before I continue to create issues on JIRA and provide
> contributions.

Sounds cool. You are welcome.

> Regards,
> Akhilesh

Rafał Rusin

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