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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: Heraldry ACL revised
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 04:08:33 GMT

Hello all!  Sorry I haven't had time to introduce myself.  I've been
moving to a new apartment in Hong Kong.  Now that that is out of the
way I'm hoping to help with the Heraldry "reboot."

"William A. Rowe, Jr." <> writes:

> Congrats, and glad to have you all!  Please remember this list isn't
> final, and new nominations should be made to heraldry-private for PPMC
> and commit status as merit is justified.
>> The next task for the Heraldry PPMC is to revise the charter for the
>> Heraldry project.   The old charter is here:
>> <>.

It's critical that we have a clear purpose for the revised Heraldry
project.  This is not something Ted, Bill or myself can provide.

We still have the PIP code right?  Is that all that's left of
Heraldry?  Can we revise the purpose to be:

  Heraldry is an open-source identity server that utilizes the OpenID
  1.1 and Yadis 1.0 standards to identify and distribute identity
  resources.  Users utilize Heraldry to manage digital identity
  information, authenticate themselves for consumer sites, and
  authorize consumer sites for access to their identity
  information. There are three main components to Heraldry: Yadis,
  OpenID, and Profile Management.

(Taken from the PIP README)

> I'd specifically appreciate if we could call out from the heraldry
> subversion trees which 1. will be actively developed, 2. will be kept
> as vendor branches of externals (and they should be notated as such),
> and 3. should be archived and shut down.

Is everything under 'libraries' to be removed?

  J Aaron Farr        [US] +1 724-964-4515 
    馮傑仁     [HK] +852 8123-7905  


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