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From Eugene Eric Kim <>
Subject Re: Moving forward or moving out
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 07:18:05 GMT
Recordon, David wrote:
> So my main interest would be finding a group of people wanting to work
> on kick-ass Ruby OpenID libraries which can be used in a new RoR OpenID
> Provider.  I'd love to know if others, whether currently a committer or
> not, would have interest in working on this here as well?

Count me in, David.

A while back, I wrote an open source RoR identity provider called Yoke:

It used the old i-names SSO protocol (pre-OpenID).  My goal was to test
an idea I had for an identity proxy, something that is slightly less
relevant today as we converge on standard protocols.  My other goal was
to learn Rails.  We still use Yoke on the Blue Oxen server.  I've been
meaning to update it forever and just haven't gotten around to it.  I'd
much rather work on a shared code base with others than write my own
system.  I'd also like an excuse to share some of the design ideas that
went into Yoke.

So yes, I'm interested. :-)


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