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From Eugene Eric Kim <>
Subject Re: Last call; -active- code bases and committers to Heraldry
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 20:06:43 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Consider this your last-call if you've been waiting to speak up, one way
> or the other.

I'm not a committer, but I co-wrote the original Ruby implementation of
Yadis last year with Brian Ellins at JanRain, and I authorized that code
to be distributed under the JanRain copyright.  At some point, I'd like
to make some additional contributions to that code and possibly the Perl
implementation of OpenID as well.  On a practical level, I don't mind if
JanRain continues to be the home for a lot of that code.  Those guys are
all great, and they've done a huge service to the community in driving
the code-base thus far.

That said, I've followed this thread with great interest, and I get the
sense that folks have been talking past each other a bit, despite the
fact that I think both Bill and Ted have been wonderfully clear and patient.

With this in mind, I have a clarifying question for Bill and Ted.  I
think Apache's policy for being email-driven is spot-on, and it's
consistent with general collaborative best practices for communities that
have both strong local and geographically dispersed demographics.  At the
same time, I know that Apache hosts several projects that were
contributed by companies and that continue to be actively driven by
employees at these companies.  How have they dealt with the challenges of
balancing face-to-face versus email?  I can't imagine that Sun and IBM,
for example, do zero face-to-face design work, although I suspect that
they also report-out very aggressively to the mailing lists.

Could you elaborate on how other companies have dealt with the
face-to-face versus asynchronous challenge with other Apache projects?

Thanks, and thanks for being such patient mentors in this process.


Eugene Eric Kim ...................................
Blue Oxen Associates ...........................

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