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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Last call; -active- code bases and committers to Heraldry
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 18:21:17 GMT
We have seen several voices speak up about their interest to remain
connected to heraldry and the codebase they developed to remain here.

We've also seen several voices speak up and express disinterest in the sort
of community development which the ASF demands of all of it's projects as
a public, not for profit charity serving the public interests of education
and open source software.

In other words, the ASF is not a source code 'parking' or 'hosting' service.
It's a specific approach to collaborative development, and what was observed
at Heraldry for the past many months was less than collaborative, and more
of a storefront with each window prepared by a different designer.

The issue was that we've only heard from those shop window designers.  Until
recently, all of the decorators have stayed silent and let the window designer
do all their speaking here at the dev list.

I've seen one generic statement from JanRain about their desire to continue
to operate as a company, not as an open source project, and that is fine
for their code.  The fact that two people actually had any words all about
that code base is symptomatic that "elsewhere" is likely to be a better fit
for that code base.  There is lots of commercial open source out there. (But
none developed at the ASF, industry does not have ay drivers seats here.)

Yet - I still see comments from others-about-others that there is a desire
to stay.  If YOU have interest, and we have not seen any feedback from YOU
on the developers list, YOU will not be re-extended participation in any
reconstituted Heraldry project (as a committer or PPMC member).  If YOU
want to remain involved, YOU must speak up.  It's that simple.

A reconstituted Heraldry won't simply be Heraldry minus JanRain code/devs.
This project needs a full reboot if it's going to move forwards to graduate,
and for now, decide what scope the remaining developers want to purse through
graduation.  More efforts can be added later, more contributors made into
committers and PPMC members, as time goes on and merit is established.

Consider this your last-call if you've been waiting to speak up, one way
or the other.



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