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From Scott Kveton <>
Subject Re: The OpenID Foundation
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 04:26:47 GMT
Hi Ted,

> That said,  I'd have to say that from where I sit, I see no evidence
> that you are excited about or committed to working within the Apache
> framework for Heraldry.    The discussion of the last two weeks or so
> has centered on the lack of evidence of that (excitement or
> commitment) on the part of *any* Heraldry committers.

I understand we haven't been on the ball completely (and I take full
responsibility on this) but we've got two people who have been working their
heart-and-souls out on this over the last two weeks.

> We are now down to me as the only active mentor for Heraldry.   Ben
> Laurie, the original mentor has been absent from the list for a very
> long time, and now Paul has resigned.  Activity wise, we've returned
> to a dearth of development oriented traffic on the heraldry-dev list,
> and I have to admit that I am wondering whether we will be able to
> recruit 2 more mentors for Heraldry.    At this moment, I am leaning
> towards recommending that we terminate incubation of Heraldry.   I"m
> going to wait a few more days for people to weigh in before I decide
> what I am going to do.

Ted, this is completely your call.  However, its been difficult for us to
engage as every time we try to we're met with "you're doing this wrong" or
"what the hell is this?"  Its frustrating because we really do want a
community around this code and I believe there is huge demand for it.  I'm
not encouraged to work on this over the next couple of days if you could
then decide to pull the plug on it.

- Scott

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