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From Scott Kveton <>
Subject Re: The OpenID Foundation
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 23:44:24 GMT
> So, I'll just be blunt. What the hell is going on?
> The whole point of an Apache Project is to build the community.

Does it also involve abusing the community as well?

Paul, your behavior and demeanor have been borderline abusive at best.

> The idea that many of the people behind the Heraldry project are off
> building *another* foundation, all of the goals which are outlined in
> David's email would be encompassed by a successful Heraldry project.
> Heraldry isn't just a place for the code and to put the Apache brand on
> it.  This is a place for the community to build and unify.
> If the major players only view Heraldry as a place for the code, get the
> hell out of incubation. (And the foundation).

We're committed and excited about working with Apache on this project.  I'm
fully with David when he says we can build a community around this project.
My concern is that the behavior of Paul does nothing to help enable or
encourage that community to thrive.  On the contrary, it makes possible
community members want to go somewhere else.

- Scott

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