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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Re: about this
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 00:06:59 GMT
Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry that you've come to this conclusion, but I understand your  
reasoning.   One thing that's not clear to me is whether you are just  
speaking for yourself or whether you are speaking for the JanRain  
folks as a group?



On Feb 8, 2007, at 9:52 PM, Kevin Turner wrote:

> Dear Heraldry-Dev,
> I think it's time for me to throw in the towel.  Ted, I appreciate all
> the patience you've shown with us, and David, your tenacity is most
> impressive, but...  this thing ain't working out.
> I liked the idea, in theory.  Even when you work for a company as
> incredible as JanRain, every once in a while there are little tensions
> between how an open source project wants to work and how the company
> wants to work[1].  Having our project -- not just the one at my  
> company,
> but _all_ the projects laying the foundation for this thing called
> OpenID -- be under the guidance of the ASF would have been one way to
> help guide all of us while this grows up.
> But it was to be a _huge_ transition.  I'm not sure anybody, either  
> the
> contributors to these projects or our sponsors at Apache, really
> appreciated just how far away the other side was when we started.  And
> in the ASF, it seems to be an all-or-nothing kind of deal.
> So it didn't work.  That's okay.  As Ted has mentioned, the Apache way
> isn't actually the only way, and I'm confident that we will find a way
> that works for us.  A couple of us have been tossing around a few  
> ideas,
> I had some interesting conversations with people at Recent Changes
> Camp...  we'll come up with something.  If you'd like to help figure
> that out, let me know.
> I'd also be happy to participate in more of a retrospective on  
> this, if
> there's any out there who would find that helpful.
> Live long and prosper,
>  - Kevin
> 1: I am aware that this is a potentially dangerous thing to say what
> with the recent press hullabaloo, that some wingnut might take my
> comment about open source and go off the deep end with it, but I  
> really
> don't want to second-guess everything I write just because some other
> software shop got involved.  So, please don't be that guy, the one who
> blows this out of proportion.  That guy doesn't know what he's talking
> about, and that makes him dumb.

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