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From "Recordon, David" <>
Subject RE: What do do with Heraldy?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:30:20 GMT
I guess 12 days with no replies means we should tell the IPMC we're
stopping incubation.


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From: Recordon, David [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:32 AM
Subject: RE: What do do with Heraldy?

Thanks Gav.  I'm actually on the road this week (ITU meeting in Geneva)
so haven't been up on my email as I should be.  With that said, I'm
still unsure how to reply.

I don't think it would make sense for us to try to continue development
of the library code if the authors are not going to be participating.
This is especially amplified in terms of not having duplicate effort
since JanRain will be continuing work on their libraries in a different

As to Gary's message, I'm also unsure that the OpenID Provider code in
Ruby by itself right now is enough to build a community since there is
little activity on the codebase even though it has been deployed a few
times from this SVN.

My vision has always been to have this project as a place where people
from various, even competing, identity projects can come together and
build a community around code.  I'd have a hard time feeling comfortable
continuing with this if JanRain is not going to be participating.

So at this point I'm at a loss...


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From: Gav.... []
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:25 AM
Subject: RE: What do do with Heraldy?

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> From: William A. Rowe, Jr. []
> Sent: Monday, 12 February 2007 2:22 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: What do do with Heraldy?
> Greetings.
> Recordon, David wrote:
> > I agree with Ted that those are the two main issues.  I think the 
> > difference is that the community is now ready to address them where 
> > we weren't in October.
> What's fascinating here is that I believe you speak for yourself and 
> with all sincerity that the issues are understood, and that you 
> personally are ready to meet those two challenges.

David, Kevin & a couple of others have been great for this project.
So thanks for a great job so far guys!

<snip some stuff>

> For purposes of this list, it's up to the remaining community to 
> decide what is next for Heraldry.  Based on David's optimism at the 
> beginning of my quotes above, as one voice from the PMC we'll leave it

> to all the remaining participants to discuss and see exactly where
that leads.
> Discuss.
> (That is what had been missing at the project in the first place, so 
> here's a wide open opportunity to remedy that.)

Well, I have come out of my corner just to say it would be a shame if
this Project folds from this ASF space. If others decide to leave and
continue On elsewhere that is fine I guess, I just hope that there are
enough left Here to continue on with what we have here.

If there are others with the same opinion it could just work.
So heres my +1 for continuance here at the ASF, and if I can help Out in
some small way I will.
> As a footnote, I'd been asked if I could help out here and help mentor

> through some of these issues ...

Thanks Bill, just what was needed. I am a little surprised to be the
first To respond to this message after 3 days though, not inspiring.


> Yours,
> Bill
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