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From "Gav..." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Stop incubation of Heraldry
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 05:24:05 GMT

<quote who="Brendan O'Connor">
> I, for one, would like to continue working on the PIP. I was, before all
> this came up, working on several extensions; now I've postponed them in
> favor of code that doesn't look like it'll get pitched if a vote goes
> the wrong way.
> That said, I'm not a committer, so I don't get a vote.

You get a non-binding vote, it doesn't count in terms of the result of a
vote, but 10 positive favour votes from non-committers can sway those that
are, especially in terms of community interest like here.


> ---Brendan O'Connor
> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> Recordon, David wrote:
>>> Woah Ted, VeriSign has never said we're out if the project continues.
>>> I just have serious doubts that the project could continue without
>>> JanRain.
>> I wondered that too when I read Ted's comments; I didn't get that out of
>> your earlier posts.
>> I don't think anyone expects JanRain's source code to persist in their
>> absence.  The question: is what do the remaining developers wish to
>> collaborate on?  Since no developers have spoken up in the past two
>> weeks
>> or so, my running assumption is, 'nothing'.
>> If the developers of specific code or implementations want to speak up
>> that they want to continue development on specific code bases here in
>> the Heraldry project, it would clear up allot of confusion, and if there
>> are sufficient developers who speak up, I'd certainly reverse my vote.
>> Bill


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