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From Kevin Turner <>
Subject about this
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 05:52:08 GMT
Dear Heraldry-Dev,

I think it's time for me to throw in the towel.  Ted, I appreciate all
the patience you've shown with us, and David, your tenacity is most
impressive, but...  this thing ain't working out.

I liked the idea, in theory.  Even when you work for a company as
incredible as JanRain, every once in a while there are little tensions
between how an open source project wants to work and how the company
wants to work[1].  Having our project -- not just the one at my company,
but _all_ the projects laying the foundation for this thing called
OpenID -- be under the guidance of the ASF would have been one way to
help guide all of us while this grows up.

But it was to be a _huge_ transition.  I'm not sure anybody, either the
contributors to these projects or our sponsors at Apache, really
appreciated just how far away the other side was when we started.  And
in the ASF, it seems to be an all-or-nothing kind of deal.

So it didn't work.  That's okay.  As Ted has mentioned, the Apache way
isn't actually the only way, and I'm confident that we will find a way
that works for us.  A couple of us have been tossing around a few ideas,
I had some interesting conversations with people at Recent Changes
Camp...  we'll come up with something.  If you'd like to help figure
that out, let me know.

I'd also be happy to participate in more of a retrospective on this, if
there's any out there who would find that helpful.

Live long and prosper,

 - Kevin

1: I am aware that this is a potentially dangerous thing to say what
with the recent press hullabaloo, that some wingnut might take my
comment about open source and go off the deep end with it, but I really
don't want to second-guess everything I write just because some other
software shop got involved.  So, please don't be that guy, the one who
blows this out of proportion.  That guy doesn't know what he's talking
about, and that makes him dumb.

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