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From Kevin Turner <>
Subject heads up / hosting buildbot
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 01:13:42 GMT
Dear fellow Heraldry members,

[Short version: beware impending commit storm.  And where do we put
Read on for details.]

It's no secret that there's been much grumbling and dragging of feet
here in Portland about changing the tools and workflow we've used to
develop our libraries over the past year and a half.  We tried to figure
out some way to meet half-way and keep the best of both worlds, but that
ended up being a lot of overhead for us and not working especially well
for either us or the rest of the Heraldry.

There have been several rounds of internal debate, and I've just come
from the most recent one.  This time, I think the results were decisive.
We are going to abandon darcs and use svn for all Heraldry projects.

However, there are some patches left in our write queue that we need to
flush.  So later this week you'll see a burst of roughly sixty patches
from me in libraries/python/openid/trunk, and some more from Jonathan in
libraries/php.  After that, commits should come in at more regular
intervals in more manageable quantities.

There are some other things we'll need to update too -- e.g. our
buildbot is currently triggered by the darcs apply hook.  Can we add
hooks to SVN, or should we parse commit messages?  Will we be able to
run the buildmaster on


 - Kevin

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