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From "Recordon, David" <>
Subject RE: mailing list count
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 19:25:52 GMT
So then lets figure out how to make it more clear. :)

Right now on it has a "Mailing Lists" link which goes off to
mailman.  I'd be happy to change that to the wiki page if we think that would be
more useful.  Can use it to add clarity around each list.

In my view:
 - (Things which don't fall into other
 - (Questions/feedback/proposals/changes to the specs
 - (Security and anti-phishing discussion around the
OpenID protocol(s)) 
 - (Could most likely be part of general, I
made it since there was an interest in active discussion)
 - (Created for the bounty, though is
largely being used to talk about joint marketing efforts for OpenID)
 - (Dev list for people with questions about using
Yadis/OpenID code from JanRain, IMHO should get moved over to
 - users@incubator (Created for every project, not being used right now)
 - dev@incubator (Discussion around everything about the code in the
Heraldry project)
 - private@incubator (Rarely used, only PPMC is subscribed)
 - yadis@danga (defunct)

So I think they are pretty clear with the exception of user-experience
not having a lot of traffic.

Anyone object to changing the link to the wiki page and filling it out
with more information about each list?


-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Turner [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 11:28 AM
To: Heraldry Incubator
Subject: mailing list count

for those who haven't been keeping score, we now have
* general@openid
* specs@openid
* security@openid
* user-experience@openid
* marketing@iwantmyopenid
* dev@openidenabled
* users@incubator
* dev@incubator
* private@incubator
and maybe still something @yadis?  So it's little surprise today I
received a message that started out by saying:

        "First, apologies for writing to you directly. I should probably
        post this to some public place but with the plethora of mailing
        lists I wasn't sure which one to use."

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