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From "Recordon, David" <>
Subject Release Cycle / Structure
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 05:14:19 GMT
If you haven't read the thread on the Incubator mailing list titled
"Incubating Wicket", it would be a good read.  They are discussing a lot
of issues that we may share in terms of having an existing deployed user
base and how to support that.  This is something that obviously parts of
this project will have to support, the existing deployed OpenID user
base, though other parts in terms of work around the IdPs really don't
have deployment beyond their respective current owners.

My understanding is that over the next month we'll see various
committers contribute libraries, patches, and IdP code all in varying
states.  The current Yadis 1.0 and OpenID Auth 1.1 / SREG 1.0 libraries
will be checked in as is and changes only made for bug fixes.  Then as
the Auth 2.0 spec matures we'll see active development within the
Heraldry repositories of the libraries to support it.  Ideally we'll see
Sxip participate with work the profile exchange work they're engaged in
now as well as this growing further over time.  One of the goals for the
project obviously being the release of these libraries in various
languages over the next few months.

We all understand there will be a different release process from today,
in terms of a vote for each release, but it wouldn't surprise me to have
a handful of different releases in the next two months as this work
progresses.   I also doubt there will ever be a "Heraldry" release,
rather a release of the Python OpenID Authentication 2.0 library from
the Heraldry Project, or the Heraldry Ruby Identity Provider.

So wanted to put this discussion out there especially as it relates to
helping shape our SVN structure around releases.



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