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From Kevin Turner <>
Subject RE: SVN Structure
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 18:26:19 GMT
On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 18:25 -0700, Recordon, David wrote:
> Anyone have opinions in terms of one large repo or a few smaller ones?

Properties of one large repo:

 * you can use svn copy and move operations anywhere in a repo to move
things around while preserving history, but can't do that between
multiple repositories.

 * only one place to configure access control, commit hooks, integration
with front-ends, etc.

 * reading the repository history gives you a good overview of what's
been happening everywhere.

Properties of several smaller repos:

 * Independent svn databases make for fewer eggs per basket, in the
event of database corruption or stuck lockfiles or similar problems.

 * reading the repository history gives you changes for just that
repository, not other projects that may have little to do with the
project you're working on.

...when I first tried SVN, the "fewer eggs per basket" argument probably
carried more weight than any of these, but I think it's *much* more
stable these days than it was then.  So overall, I think I still don't
care much one way or the other, and would leave it up to the guy who has
to maintain the repository.

> Would be nice to get this wrapped up in 48-72 hours so we can have the
> infrastructure deployed and start getting code in next week.

Sounds good.  I haven't heard back anything about accounts though.  Is
someone waiting for more paperwork or other information from us?

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