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From Prasad B <>
Subject Reg tables to be used with HCatStorer
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 00:26:53 GMT
The documentation on HCatStorer says:

"For the USING clause, you can have two string arguments:

The first string argument represents key/value pairs for partition. This is
a *mandatory* argument. In the above example, month, date and hour are
columns on which table is partitioned. The values for partition keys should
NOT be quoted, even if the partition key is defined to be of string type."

Since the first argument is mandatory, it implies that tables into which
data is stored using HCatStorer have to be created with at least one
partition. For eg., as

CREATE TABLE table_name (line STRING);

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD PARTITION (col="xxx")

Is my understanding correct ? My script tried to store to an unpartitioned
table, by specifying ' ' for the first argument, and the HCatBaseStorer
complains about the type.


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