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Subject [jira] Subscription: HCatalog Patch Available
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 01:02:26 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: HCatalog Patch Available (53 issues)

Subscriber: hcatalogdaily

Key         Summary
HIVE-5362   TestHCatHBaseInputFormat has a bug which will not allow it to run on JDK7 and
HIVE-5336   HCatSchema.remove(HCatFieldSchema hcatFieldSchema) should renumber the  fieldPositionMap
and the fieldPositionMap should not be cached by the end user
HIVE-5138   Streaming - Web HCat  API
HIVE-4196   Support for Streaming Partitions in Hive
HIVE-4978   [WebHCat] Close the PrintWriter after writing data
HIVE-5072   [WebHCat]Enable directly invoke Sqoop job through Templeton
HIVE-5307   NPE in JsonMetaDataFormatter  if Table Path is null
HIVE-4446   [HCatalog] Documentation for HIVE-4442, HIVE-4443, HIVE-4444
HIVE-5034   [WebHCat] Make WebHCat work for Windows
HIVE-5205   Javadoc warnings in HCatalog prevent Hive from building under OpenJDK7
HIVE-5262   FileOutputCommitterContainer fails when HDFS operations are slow
HIVE-4872   merge hive/ and hive/hcatalog/
HIVE-5001   [WebHCat] JobState is read/written with different user credentials
HIVE-5238   "ant testreport" does not include any storage-handlers/hbase unit test results
HIVE-5216   Need to annotate public API in HCatalog
HIVE-4969   HCatalog HBaseHCatStorageHandler is not returning all the data
HIVE-4997   HCatalog doesn't allow multiple input tables
HIVE-5193   Columnar Pushdown for RC/ORC File not happening in HCatLoader 
HIVE-4824   make TestWebHCatE2e run w/o requiring installing external hadoop
HIVE-5143   Streaming - Compaction of partitions
HIVE-5142   Streaming - Query committed chunks
HIVE-5139   Streaming - DDL support for enabling and disabling streaming
HIVE-5140   Streaming - Active agent for rolling a streaming partition into a standard partition
HIVE-5020   HCat reading null-key map entries causes NPE
HIVE-5094   [WebHCat] updating table permission have no effect
HIVE-4919   WebHCat e2e tests suite clean up
HIVE-4856   Upgrade HCat to 2.0.5-alpha
HIVE-4726   HCatDelegator should not have to parse error text; should instead rely on canonical
HIVE-4700   default webhcat config still refers to old versions of jar files
HIVE-4305   Use a single system for dependency resolution
HIVE-4576 does not allow values with commas
HIVE-4590   HCatalog documentation example is wrong
HIVE-4455   HCatalog build directories get included in tar file produced by "ant tar"
HIVE-4265   HCatalog branches need to move out of trunk/hcatalog/historical
HIVE-4296   ant thriftif  fails on  hcatalog
HIVE-4289   HCatalog build fails when behind a firewall
HIVE-4420   HCatalog unit tests stop after a failure
HIVE-4447   hcatalog version numbers need to be updated 
HIVE-4145   Create hcatalog stub directory and add it to the build
HIVE-4325   Merge HCat NOTICE file with Hive NOTICE file
HIVE-4419   webhcat - support ${WEBHCAT_PREFIX}/conf/ as config directory
HIVE-4278   HCat needs to get current Hive jars instead of pulling them from maven repo
HIVE-4303   2 empty java files in hcatalog
HIVE-4264   Move HCatalog trunk code from trunk/hcatalog/historical to trunk/hcatalog
HIVE-4326   Clean up remaining items in hive/hcatalog/historical/trunk
HIVE-4407   TestHCatStorer.testStoreFuncAllSimpleTypes fails because of null case difference
HIVE-4461   hcatalog jars not getting published to maven repo
HIVE-4198   Move HCatalog code into Hive
HIVE-4330   Pig INTs should work with HCatalog BIGINT fields
HIVE-4329   HCatalog clients can't write to AvroSerde backed tables
HIVE-4276   Move HCatalog JMS MessageDeserializer code into separate library.
HIVE-4274   Table created using HCatalog java client doesn't set the owner
HIVE-4273   HCatClient::dropPartition() doesn't fail for non-existent partitions.

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