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Subject svn commit: r1294902 - /incubator/hcatalog/branches/branch-0.4/RELEASE_NOTES.txt
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 23:50:48 GMT
Author: gates
Date: Tue Feb 28 23:50:47 2012
New Revision: 1294902

Updates to release notes for 0.4.


Modified: incubator/hcatalog/branches/branch-0.4/RELEASE_NOTES.txt
--- incubator/hcatalog/branches/branch-0.4/RELEASE_NOTES.txt (original)
+++ incubator/hcatalog/branches/branch-0.4/RELEASE_NOTES.txt Tue Feb 28 23:50:47 2012
@@ -2,8 +2,13 @@ These notes are for HCatalog 0.2.0 relea
-This is the initial relase of Apache HCatalog.  It provides read and write capability for
Pig and Hadoop, and read capability for Hive.
+HCatalog is a table management and storage management layer for Hadoop that
+enables users with different data processing tools – Pig, MapReduce, and Hive,
+to easily share data on the grid. HCatalog’s table abstraction presents users
+with a relational view of data in the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS)
+and ensures that users need not worry about where or in what format their data
+is stored – RCFile format, text files, sequence files.
 System Requirements
@@ -12,35 +17,39 @@ System Requirements
    Java installation
 2. Ant build tool, version 1.8 or higher: - to build
    source only
-3. This release is compatible with Hadoop 0.20.x with security.  Currently this
-   is available from the 0.20.204 branch of Apache Hadoop
-4. This release is compatible with Pig 0.8.1 and Pig 0.9.1.
-5. This release is compatible with Hive 0.7.1.
+3. This release is compatible with Hadoop 1.0.1.
+4. This release is compatible with Pig Pig 0.9.2.
+5. This release is compatible with Hive 0.8.1.
 Trying the Release
-1. Download hcatalog-src-0.2.0-incubating.tar.gz
-2. Unpack the file: tar -xzvpf hcatalog-src-0.2.0-incubating.tar.gz
-3. Move into the installation directory: cd hcatalog-0.2.0-incubating
-4. Run "umask 0022 && ant jar test -Dhcatalog.version=0.2.0" to run unit tests.
-5. Run ant tar -Dforrest.home=/path/to/forrest/install -Dhcatalog.version=0.2.0
-   to build installable tarball.
-6. cd build
-7. Move hcatalog-0.2.0.tar.gz to somewhere you have write permissions (e.g. /home/me/hcat-insall)
-8. cd to your tar-ball location (e.g. cd /home/me/hcat-install)
-9. Untar hcatalog-0.2.0.tar.gz: tar -xvzpf hcatalog-0.2.0.tar.gz
-10. Move into hcatalog-0.2.0
-11. Install the hcatalog server by running share/hcatalog/scripts/
-    You may find instructions in share/doc/hcatalog/install.html useful
-12. Export HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_CONF_DIR to appropriate values.
-13. Run share/hcatalog/scripts/ to start the hcatalog server.
-14. To use the command line interface use bin/hcat
-15. To use with Hadoop MapReduce jobs, use the HCatInputFormat and
-    HCatOutputFormat classes.
-16. To use with Pig, use the HCatLoader and HCatStorer classes.
+1. Download hcatalog-src-0.4.0-incubating.tar.gz
+2. Follow the directions at
 Relevant Documentation
-These notes are for HCatalog 0.2.0 release.
+These notes are for HCatalog 0.4.0 release.
+Changes Since Last Release
+HCatalog 0.3 was not released.  HCatalog 0.2 was the last release of HCatalog.
+Major changes since the last release include:
+  - Full support for reading from and writing to Hive.
+  - Support for deeply nested maps, arrays, and structs.
+  - Switch from StorageDrivers to SerDes.  See "Backward Incompatibilities"
+    below.
+  - Addition of JSonSerDe to support reading and writing JSON data.
+For a full list of changes see CHANGES.txt located in the same directory as this file.
+Backward Incompatibilities
+HCatalog no longer supports its own StorageDriver classes for data 
+(de)serialization.  Instead it uses Hive's SerDe classes.

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