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From "Edward J. Yoon" <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Hama version 0.3-incubating RC1
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 00:06:37 GMT
Hi all,

After adding 'apidocs' (PageRank bug is already fixed), I just
re-uploaded a tarball and signatures.

Please verify the release and cast your vote.

[ ] +1 Release the packages as Apache Hama 0.3-incubating
[ ] -1 Do not release the packages because...

Here is my +1.

Here's what's new and fixed from 0.2-incubating:


  HAMA-395: Add PageRank example (Thomas Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-372: Add Web UI for Job monitoring (Thomas Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-359: Add shortest path finding example (Thomas Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-374: Add LocalBSPRunner (Thomas Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-380: Add BSPMessageBundle to reduce RPC overhead (Miklos
Erdelyi via edwardyoon)


  HAMA-405: Fix NoClassDefFoundErrors (Joseph Boyd via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-404: LocalBSPRunner returns wrong superstep numbers (Thomas
Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-396: BSPPeer's ZK object should be constructed with listed
quorum servers (edwardyoon)
  HAMA-391: Refactor Exception.printStackTrace() to
LOG.error(Exception) (Thomas Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-393: Add environment variable 'HAMA_HEAPSIZE' to (edwardyoon)


  HAMA-394: Refactor 'hama' script and pom.xml (edwardyoon)
  HAMA-388: Add a profile 'forrest' to generate the website (edwardyoon)
  HAMA-392: Make zk session-timeout configurable (edwardyoon)
  HAMA-389: Make the thread pool size user configurable (Thomas
Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-386: Removing 'System.arraycopy(...)' call from ByteMessage (edwardyoon)
  HAMA-379: Setting default values to job.setNumBspTask() (Thomas
Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-376: Refactor BSPMaster and GroomServer (ChiaHung Lin via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-382: Refactor HAMA POM (Tommaso Teofili)
  HAMA-362: Re-design a new data structure of BSPMessage (Thomas
Jungblut via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-369: Reduce overhead of local communications (Miklos Erdelyi
via edwardyoon)
  HAMA-371: Add a parameter to build.xml to allow developers deciding
to reset content
                     in conf files or not when building artifacts
(ChiaHung Lin via edwardyoon)

Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon

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