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From Morton Swimmer <>
Subject Re: Funding opportunities for Academic Research on/near Hadoop
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2009 23:24:31 GMT
Cool. I wish I was at university to take advantage of this.

However, we are hosting Achille Fokoue at NYU this week to talk about  
SHER, IBM's scalable storage and reasoning research project. Also  
attending will be people from NYU, so I'll bring this to their  
attention. We'll also be taping and streaming the event, although I'm  
not sure if 18:30 Eastern time is a good time to watch an event in  
Korea. I'll post the streaming link and when we have a tape of the  
event, I'll find a place to host it and send that link around.

Cheers, Morton

On 27 Jan 2009, at 12:27, Edward J. Yoon wrote:

> Check this out! :)
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Steve Loughran <>
> Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 1:46 AM
> Subject: Funding opportunities for Academic Research on/near Hadoop
> To: Hadoop Core user <>
> This is a little note to advise universities working on Hadoop related
> projects, that they may
> be able to get some money and cluster time for some fun things
> "The HP Labs Innovation Research Program is designed to create
> opportunities -- at colleges,
> universities and research institutes around the world -- for
> breakthrough collaborative research
> with HP.
> HP Labs is proud to announce the 2009 Innovation Research Program
> (IRP). Through this open Call for
> Proposals, we are soliciting your best ideas on a range of topics with
> the goal of establishing new
> research collaborations. Proposals will be invited against targeted
> IRP Research Topics, and will be
> accepted via an online submission tool. They will be reviewed by HP
> Labs scientists for alignment
> with the selected research topic and impact of the proposed research.
> Awards under the 2009 HP Labs Innovation Research Program are
> primarily intended to provide
> financial support for a graduate student to assist the Principal
> Investigator conducting a
> collaborative research project with HP Labs. Consequently, awards will
> provide cash support for one
> year in the range of USD $50,000 to $75,000, including any overhead."
> If you look at the research topics there is a PDF file listing topics
> of interest, of which three
> general categories may be of interest:
> 1. "Intelligent Infrastructure" - very large scale storage systems,
> management, etc.
> 2. Sustainability -especially sustainable datacentres: how to measure
> application power consumption,
>  and improve it; how to include knowledge of the physical
> infrastructure in computation
> 3. "Cloud" - Large-scale computing frameworks, Data management and
> security, Federation of
>  heterogeneous cloud sites, Programming tools and mash-ups, Complex
> event processing and
>  management, Massive-Scale Data Analytics, Cloud monitoring and  
> management.
> If you look at that Cloud topic, not only does Hadoop-related work
> seem to fit in, the call for
> proposals is fairly explicit in mentioning the ecosystems suitability
> as a platform for your work.
> Which makes sense, as it is the only very-large-scale data-centric
> computing platform out there for
> which the source code is freely available. Yet also, because it is
> open source, it is a place where,
> university permitting, your research can be contributed back to the
> community, and used by grateful
> users the world over.
> What is also interesting is that little line at the bottom, "We
> encourage investigators to utilize
> the capabilities in the Open Cirrus testbed as well as to share their
> experience, data, and
> algorithms with other researchers using the testbed. "  Which implies
> that cluster time on the new cross-company, cross-university
> homogenous datacentre test bed should be available to test your ideas.
> If you are at university, have a look at the proposals and see if you
> can come up with a proposal
> for innovative work in this area. The timescales are fairly aggressive
> -that is to ensure that
> proposers will know early on whether or not they were successful, and
> the money will be in their
> University's hands for the next academic year.
> -Steve
> (for followup queries, follow the links on the site or email me
> direct; I am vaguely involved in some of this)
> -- 
> Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon @ NHN, corp.

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