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From ruchi goel <Ruchi.G...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: using jcr-mapping layer to access repsitory over RMI
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 09:54:54 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:
> On 2/15/07, ruchi goel <> wrote:
>> I have a question :
>> Here is extract from the report:
>> /The Content Model :
>> ------------------------------
>> * Our content model has to be extensible without imposing specific
>> content types./
>> Why do you say so ?  Isn't it already extensible with a flexibility of
>> adding more content types ? In fact I was thinking of dropping the idea
>> of having my document inherited from nt:file . Instead use , something
>> which can be mapped to nt:unstructured , so that I can have root cms
>> object, completely extensible ,  with all services acting at the this
>> object and available to all child content types.
> Yes, the JCR is extensible, of course.
> But if our persistence service stores business objects (pojo) into a
> JCR repo, this persistence's service should not impose the usage of a
> specific object model.
> Right now, it is not possible to extends the Graffito Object model easily
Yes, to create a new content type , one has to inherit from existing 
CmsObject class . But I thought that is the strength of  graffito 
framework since all the services are associated with base class and if 
someone adds a new contenttype , e.g. article, he gets those services 
already implemented.
> To be more flexible, the current CmsObject class has to be deleted in
> the Graffito framework.
Don't understand why ?


>> Another question is are there any timelines decided for this refactoring
>> work ?
> It will depend on the contribution. Personally, I'm working on the
> first release of the OCM tools but if someone wants to work on OCM
> issues, I can start the refactoring.

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