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From ruchi goel <Ruchi.G...@Sun.COM>
Subject design query when using standard jcr nodetypes (nt:folder,nt:file)
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 08:15:16 GMT
   In graffito's framework, cmsObject is the root object and all the 
content inherits from cmsobject. The idea behind , if I understand 
correctly , is that there are common model properties between various 
models like document, article etc and there are common services like 
versioning,security , permission etc applicable to all kinds of content

While using jcr-mapping layer  ,  cmsObject can be mapped  to a custom 
node type (graffito:cmsObject) inherited from nt:base . Similarly, 
folder to graffito:cmsFolder , inherited fro cmsObject and so ..on

Now, if I want to use nt:file and nt:folder , so that I have custom node 
types ps:folder and ps:file ineriting from nt:folder and nt:file , is it 
still possible to have similar flexibilty as above , in terms of 
designing a generic framework . I feel I am stuck because evenif I have 
somethig like ps:base (with additional properties) inheriting from 
nt:base ,  ps:folder inherits from nt:folder and cannot inherit 
properties from ps:base.

Am I going in a wrong direction ? The idea is to use what jsr170 
supports like predefined nt:file, nt:folder, use jcr-mapping  and still 
try to achieve a pluggable framework (with services attched to base 
content type).


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