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From "Felix Meschberger" <>
Subject JCR-Mapping: Extend Bean/Collection/FieldDescriptor with support for node type management tools
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 10:40:38 GMT
Hi all,

I started working with Graffito JCR-Mapping some weeks ago noticing that it
actually implements what I planned to implement in my own tool - and more
:-) So I started to like that thing. While working on it I thought, that it
would be nice to define node types based on the mapping definitions and also
noticed, that this is actually also supported by the mapping descriptors.

Still, the support by the descriptors has some drawbacks: Field descriptors
are thought to only map to properties, while collection and bean descriptors
are thought to only map to child nodes. Consequently the field descriptors
support attributes for property definition while bean and collection
definitions support attributes for child node definition. While this
assumption is mostly true, it fails in the case of multi-valued properties,
which is implemented using a collection descriptor. I myself implemented
another CollectionConverter, which supports residual jcrName values. Also in
this case, the collection descriptor maps properties.

Hence I proopse to extend the bean and collection descriptors with
attributes for property definition. Namely I propose the addition of
"jcrType" and "jcrMultiple" attributes which should contain the property
type and multi-value flag respectively. The respective BeanDescriptor and
CollectionDescriptor classes are to be extended for these attributes.

To further simplify node type management tools, I further propose, to define
two interfaces - PropertyDefDescriptor and ChildNodeDefDescriptor - which
may be used by node type management tools to extract the relevant
information to define properties and child nodes. The FieldDescriptor will
only implement the PropertyDefDescriptor while the BeanDescriptor and
CollectionDescriptor classes will implement both interfaces. The node type
management tool will then have to apply heuristics to decide, whether a
property or a child node should be defined.

Attached you will find the patchs to the FieldDescriptor, BeanDescriptor and
CollectionDescriptor classes as well as the proposed interfaces.

What do you think of these extensions ? They certainly make my life easier,
as I implemented a very simple node type management tool.

Thanks for any comments.


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