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From "Edgar Poce" <>
Subject Re: portlet "content" mode prototype
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 02:03:27 GMT

  I uploaded a new version of the jcr portlets prototype, it's almost
usable now ;).
download the war file from I use a couple of
jackrabbit contrib projects: jcr-commands and jcr-taglib. I made some
changes to both and I'll commit them soon, but in case anyone wants to
build from the source before I commit the changes I uploaded the
modified versions.

  I added a new slide portlet which shows image slides. The images can
be uploaded either from the portal in edit mode or via webdav.

  - wysiwyg portlet.
  - slide portlet
  - webdav support
  - versioning support
  - j2 path integration. Now the contents are stored in the portal
site hierarchy
 - The content features are not included as a menu, now the content
features are shown in help mode.

Known issues:
  obviously lots of them, but mainly:
 - the content mode is shown in help mode
  - the two types of portlets (slide and wysiwyg) don't play nice in a
single page.
  - unsecure, since anyone can edit the contents via webdav
 - handling of error messages
  - escape jcr paths

a few comments:
Independently of the api to interact with the repository it would be
great to integrate the graffito contents in the portal hierarchy and
provide services through a content mode. AFAIK graffito objects are
stored in its own tree.

Unfortunately the j2 API doesn't support to get a fragment's path of
type portlet. see
And there's no way to get a descriptive name for a fragment. I think a
workaround could be to use fragment preferences, but it wouldn't fix
the missing decorator fragments in the path. It would be great to fix
it as part of the development effort of contributing a graffito based
page manager.

Another important issue is that AFAIK j2 doesn't provide a way to
listening changes on fragments. Thus the content generated through the
portal or via webdav are not moved/removed when the corresponding
fragment is moved/removed.

well, I think the prototype time is over so I'll stop spamming the list :).


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