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From "Edgar Poce" <>
Subject Re: portlet "content" mode prototype
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 11:45:32 GMT
On 9/5/06, Christophe Lombart <> wrote:
> If Graffito provides a support for managing JCR nodes and an High
> level content object model (which can be customized), how can we
> define some services like Workflow, publishing, ... ? In theory,
> thoses services needs to implement some process based on content
> objects.
> I think it will not be possible to support both approach. What do you
> think about that ?

Maybe there can be an integration if
1. the workflow is serialized in the repository,
2. the semantics of its node types is publicly known (e.g. scxml)
3. and the repository garantees, by securing the content, that the
process will be respected,

then the content under a process and the process itself can be edited
by any client that have access to the repository, just like any other
type of content.

>  I think the JCR browser should be limited to the
> JCR features defined in the spec.

the prototype is not the jcr browser, it would be a nice addition to
have it but I think the portal itself is the main way to navigate the
contents. The prototype is a content portlet. By a content portlet I
mean a portlet that integrates to the portal hierarchy by using a node
to store its contents, a node whose parent is the fragment of type
"portlet", which is child of a psml. In the prototype the superclass
passes to all portlet instances the same node, in a working version it
should pass  a node that is a child of the fragment of type portlet.
Content portlets, as the wysiwyg prototype, can leverage the content
mode. See e.g. the versioning menu.

> FYI, We have (in my company) a workflow service based on high level
> content objects like news, ... Hope to donnate ASAP.

great!. btw, It's probably a good example for trying to integrate both


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