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From "Edgar Poce" <>
Subject portlet "content" mode prototype
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 01:55:36 GMT

  I made a prototype of a wysiwyg portlet on top of jcr that allows to
 version the content.  It's just a prototype of what I consider a
portlet "content" mode should have, e.g. versioning, locking, tagging,
audit, event notification, metadata. e.g. dublin core, i18n a portlet
root per locale, publishing (staging) & other workflow processes.

The versioning GUI is available in edit mode as a menu that invoke
remote dialogs powered by dojo javascipt toolkit. The portlet allows
the user to edit the html, make the html versionable, checkin,
checkout and restore a version. I didn't configure the webdav servlet,
but it should be pretty easy.

In the prototype a content portlet (i.e. wysiwyg portlet) must inherit
a superclass that creates the portlet root node and adds a menu in
edit mode. btw, is there any extension mechanism to add new portlet
modes in jetspeed?

download from:

the war is self contained, just drop it in j2 and it should work. it
creates a jackrabbit repository at /tmp/jackrabbit. It was tested in
ubuntu, firefox, java5, jetspeed 2.0 installer with derby embedded.


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