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From David Sean Taylor <>
Subject Re: portlet content mode prototype online demo
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 18:53:43 GMT
I tried the demo. Looks good.
Although Im not sure if I understand the "j2 path integration".
I navigated to

and saw the contents of a portlet, but i don't really follow your 
pattern descrbed below about "/psm..."

Also, if I understand, you would like to implement a page manager which 
stores its pages with JCR...

Let us know on the jetspeed dev list if you need any help in that area.
For ex, we will probably need to improve the APIs to support versioning

Looks like you are using dojo in the portlet examples
That fits in with the recent development being done on jetspeed 2.1-dev

Edgar Poce wrote:
> Hi,
> for those who had problems running the war. I deployed it at
> I'll leave it online for
> 12 hours aprox.
> br,
> edgar
> some details of how to use the features:
> the admin password is test.
> there are two jcr portles:
> - wysiwyg portlet.
> - slide portlet
> - webdav support
> In help mode, under the "info" tab, there's a link to the webdav resource.
> The webdav root can be found at:
> - versioning support
> in help mode, under the "versioning" tab, there's a gui to make the
> content versionable, chekin, checkout, and restore a previous version.
> - j2 path integration. Now the contents are stored in the portal
> site hierarchy
> See the path of the webdav resource. It has the following pattern:
> /psm/[psml]*/fragment-id
> e.g. /default.psm/P-10dd5c2a9f1-10000

David Sean Taylor
Bluesunrise Software
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