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From ruchi goel <Ruchi.G...@Sun.COM>
Subject technologies used in graffito
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 11:43:50 GMT
   I  am doing an evaluation of graffito for the purpose of integration 
to our portal. I have few questions regarding the design and 
technologies used .

1. Does graffito has its own session management ? I understand it "no" 
since this is not designed as a standalone webapp.(or can I run it 
without riding on portal ?)  When it gets deployed as portlets , it uses 
the session management of  the portal system. Here , it uses the session 
management of  Jetspeed portal. Kindly confirm my understanding.

2. How are portal users  mapped to cms users ? e.g when I deploy 
graffito war to jetspeed  , the content browser portlet for 
browsing,editing,creating documents + folders , gets configured for 
admin while content tree portlet gets configured for anonymous and user. 
Where are these configurations stored ?

3. Does it depend on apache's commons logging framework or is there any 
other framework on top of this ?

4. Is there any roadmap to implement workflow service ?

5. Will the JCR plugin be using OCM ?  Is it possible to use the 
existing model and model service to use jcr mapping layer directly and 
depend on this mapping (persistence layer)  for 
versioning,security,search. Basically, what I am asking is that can I 
skip the abstractions of the services which are already part of JSR170 
implementation . I have tried the following:

    * Tried to navigate document creation , which uses Graffito store
      for persistence, since jcr mapping is not yet integrated.
    * Separated the jcr mapping layer from the other graffito stack,
      created my own model and used jcr mapping to persist. This layer
      can be directly used for search and versioning.

My concern is if I  integrate graffito to my portal and create my own 
model based on Content/CmsObject ,  do I still have to go through the 
abstraction of  all the services , even though I am only interested in 
jcr using jcr mapping.

6. The project is under incubation. Where should i look for license 
details ?

Appreciate reponse.

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