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From Dan Connelly <>
Subject Re: IGNORE ManageableCollectionUtil should not throw "unsupported" JcrMapping exception.
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 10:38:18 GMT
Oops.   This is problem is solved fairly easily by over-riding the 
getCollection method.    (But, it is a bit tricky there to search the 
type hierarchy of the Class collectionFieldClass to determine the 
wrapper to use.)

Sorry for posting half-baked my problems and solutions.   (But my 
fumbling is a case-study on why the "Advanced Mapping Strategy" pages 
need to be completed.)

Dan Connelly wrote:

> I want to use a custom collectionConverter, MyCollectionConverterImpl.
> That collectionConverter can decide what to do with "unsupported" 
> collections from my *given* object model.   (Object model cannot be 
> changed.)    In particular, MyCollectionConverterImpl will wrap  an 
> unsupported collection as a ManageableCollection and delegate its work 
> to a standard collection converter. 
> The collection type is discovered by reflection in the 
> objectConverter, so it cannot be coerced in the ocm mapping.
> Unfortunately, the default objectConverter invokes its own wrapping 
> tool, ManageableCollectionUtil, just before the call to 
> insertCollection in the custom collectionConverter.     
> ManageableCollectionUtil will throw an exception before the custom 
> collectionConverter gets its chance to wrap the unsupported collection 
> type.     The call to insertCollection in the custom 
> collectionConverter is never invoked.
> A workaround would be to over-ride method insertCollectionFields using 
> a custom objectConverter.   However, this method  is private in the 
> standard objectConverter.  Thus the method work cannot be delegated.   
> Code would need to be copied into the custom objectConverter.   Not 
> good.   But even if this method was public and code copying was not 
> needed, the object converter is not the right place for collection 
> conversions.
> Why not make the collectionConverters responsible for throwing an 
> exception on (truly) unsupported collection types? 
> Don't throw this exception from ManageableCollectionUtil.   Just leave 
> an "unsupported" collection type alone there and let the 
> collectionConverter deal with any unsupported collection type that may 
> be given to it.
>       -- Dan

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