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From "Christophe Lombart" <>
Subject Re: technologies used in graffito
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 14:24:16 GMT
On 9/7/06, Ruchi Goel <> wrote:
> Thanks Christophe for quick response. One more question: Who is using
> spring framework ? - Jetspeed or Graffito ?

Both project

> Please see inline for more ....
> Christophe Lombart wrote:
> Our portal users are stored in LDAP and uses its authentication service
> . How will that be mapped to JAAS users ?

see the J2 security doc to get all the details
Remember that this security service can be run outside J2.

Anyway I'm open to see together how we can support other kind of
integration (with other security services/solution).

> You mean to say , Graffito security service can have portal specific
> implementation ?

Yes  but some refactoring is required. The security services are not
well defined.

>If we use only OCM , do I still get it ? I see
> SimpleAccessManager and SimpleLoginModule which uses Jackrabit and java
> security services. This security is at repository level , I want to also
> understand  security at portal level, "who can see which portlets " ?

The current solution is not correct if the security is defined at the
repository level.

> The question is if  we want to integrate the entire cms framework , we
> will have to use the abstractions  , even though the jsr170  mapping
> layer  helps with lots of services.Please correct  me  if  my
> understanding is wrong here.
Correct.  JSR170 is focusing only on the repository aspect. This is
not a complete CMS/DM solution. Other services are still necessary
(eg. workflow).
We plan to add more and more services (scheduler, workflow,
replication, ...)  but that's the future :-)

> Where is Spring framework used ? I understand that u have ocm 's one
> integration with Spring? Does Graffito internally uses it ?

The Graffito services are running in a Spring container (see in components).
If you want to use OCM outside the complete Graffito stack, you can
run it in a Spring container (see in jcr/spring).

> We cannot integrate with any open source which is not  j2ee compliant.
why not ?
maybe later will depend on the community ;-)

> Another question : Where is Velocity used in graffito project ?

In the portlets (instead of jsp).

Best regards,


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