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From "Christophe Lombart" <>
Subject Re: Why the Webdav-/Graffito-/FileSystemServer interfaces?
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 21:39:51 GMT
> I agree with you that GFT api is much simpler from a developer
> perspective, however it's not as feature rich as jcr, and I'd prefer
> the CMS to focus on providing generic features for any content rather
> than providing less features for a fixed set of types.
I think it is possible to have generic features. The workflow will be
a good exemple. It will be possible to define a specific workflow
process for any kind of content.
Please, give us some examples. what kind of generic features are you
thinking about ?

> > 4/ One of the most important Graffito goals is to make abstraction on
> > the repository nature. Users who have specific content repo can use
> > Graffito. There need a new Server impl and a new ContentStore
> > implementation. If needed, you can review some issues in this area.
> >
> Well, it doesn't seem so easy on top of jcr. If that's the main goal
> of graffito it would probably make sense to use a custom api.

The OCM tools will help us to add a strong JCR support from our high
level services. Unfortunatly this is not yet implemented.

> sure, I could make a prototype. From the list bellow, where I describe
> a few items I'd love to see in graffito/j2, I'd like to make a
> prototype of the second item. Is it the kind of prototype you had in
> mind?

Why not - there are some interesting ideas and nice features.

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