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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: graffito-portlets.war packaging bug?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:37:23 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:
> On 1/11/06, Dave Brondsema <> wrote:
>>I am attempting to deploy the graffito portlets in Liferay, using MSSQL.
>>  I'm following  I get
>>the following exception when I try to deploy.  Seems like the
>>graffito-api-1.0-a1-dev.jar is needs to be in the portlet WAR.  What's
> This jar (when deploying on tomcat) has be set into shared/lib.
> Until now, the graffito portlets depend on some Jetspeed components
> (mainly the security components). So, we have add more abstraction in
> order to support other portal servers. This not our main priority but
> if you work on it, of course we can help. That's maybe the origin of
> the NoClassDefFoundError

At this point it will be faster for us to implement our own (very
simple) portlets instead of working on liferay support.  If our needs
grow, we will probably revisit Graffito.

>>Regarding MSSQL, I made some minor changes to get the database
>>initialization to work, yet tests failed.  So for now I set
>>ignoreFailures="true" for 'components'.  I'll contribute my changes if
>>they work.
> You are welcome. Please, send us also your work for the liferay support.

Since I won't be using graffito now, I can't say that these changes
really work.  Some mssql configuration might be better than nothing, but
on the other hand wrong configuration is worse than no configuration.

Dave Brondsema
Software Developer
Cornerstone University

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