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From Christophe Lombart <>
Subject Re: questions about ObjectConverter interface
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 14:21:48 GMT
On 1/3/06, Alexandru Popescu <> wrote:

> Are you talking about Costin (Leau) ? Can you please send it to me, to compair it with
my version?

You can find it in the spring modules project (see in the sandbox) on I will commit a subproject that test the tx management.

> >
> >> Now, about the scenario: imagine a service that is working with different node
subtrees, but these
> >> are related, either by their content, or by their references. In this case I
need to pass around
> >> different information (and not all of it is stored in my model, but sometimes
is available only in
> >> the node itself). In this scenario after each insert/update i need to get my
hand on the
> >> inserted/updated node.
> >>
> >> Does it make any sense to you?
> >>
> >
> > well, the current framework gives you a way to work *only* on the model level.
> > If I understand, you want to read or modify the nodes created by the
> > objectConverter after an insert - is is correct ? Is it not something
> > like a post process after inserting, updating, .. an object ?
> >
> Yes, that's it.

ok - What about the observer feature in JCR ? Is it not a good help for you ?
If not we can try to build a good support for preprocessing on event
like insert, update, ... . Do you have already some ideas on how to
solve this issue. I would like to fix it on the PersistenceManager
level. IMPO, ObjectConverter cannot be public.
Of course, if necessary we can review the ObjectConverter interface.


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