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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: Problem building jcr-mapping
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:37:28 GMT
hi michi,

> jcr-1.0.jar (try downloading from
> cqfs-jackrabbit-3.5.6.jar (try downloading from
> cqfs-3.5.6.jar (try downloading from
> I guess the paths are not correct, resp. Day doesn't provide the jars
> anymore at this location.

The url's are correct but for some reason maven doesn't download them
automatically. You will have to download them manually and put them in
your local maven repository (~/.maven/repository/...)

> Btw, are any devs still working on jcr-mapping? I am very interested in
> this and maybe can contribute somehow
> and reuse stuff for Apache Lenya.

Yes, the project is still under development und under review in some
parts of it.

> Just being curious, what is the subproject jcr-nodemanagement good for?

The jcr-nodemanagement is currently just starting and aims at
providing mechanisms to create JCR custom node types from the
jcr-mapping and jackrabbit configurations and also from simple java
bean types.
Please have a look at:


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