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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Re: Upload file
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 22:40:31 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:
> Hi all,
> When uploading a file, ActionRequest.getContentType returns null
> instead of multipart/form-data. It was working with J2 M3. Is someone
> has similar issue with J2 head ?

Christophe, Greg and others,

I'm afraid I'm to blame for this :(

To get J2 JSR-168 TCK compliant, the HttpServletRequest for an invoked servlet from a portlet,
the getContentType() must return null: JST-168 requirement PLT.16.3.3 cxxxii
But, because Pluto simply delegates the ActionRequest.getContentType() to the underlying
HttpServletRequest it wraps (which is the concerning J2 ServletRequestImpl), this now always
returns null.
Which isn't correct of course, but seemingly not tested by the TCK... J2 currently passes
the TCK.
Sorry for this and other similar problems with the same cause.

I'm going to devise a different solution still TCK compliant and restore these broken features.
I already have thought out one possible solution but it'll take me some time to implement
test again. But you can be assured I'll have this fixed before our J2 2.0-FINAL release (which
is planned within 2 weeks!).

As I don't have a FileUpload testcase currently available, it would be great you could test
this for me once I've committed my solution for this. I'll notify the graffito list when I

Regards, Ate

> Thanks,
> Christophe
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