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From Costin Leau <>
Subject Re[2]: [jcr-mapping] PersistenceManager
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 11:31:13 GMT
Hello Christophe,
> Ok ! Now I understand you :-). The current code was build to make a
> prototype and discovering the JCR spec and now it is time to review all
> thinks.
> We have 2 possibitities :
> * Use distinct components : PersistenceManager and a JCR session object. In
> this case, we can forget all methods like exist, logout, ... in the
> PersistenceManager
> * Use only the PersistenceManager which encapsulate the JCR session. but in
> this case, we have to build a component manager/factory or other thinks
> which can initialise the PersistenceManager correctly.

> Is is a good summary of our discussion ? What do you like solution 1 or 2 ?
There are other possibilities:
1. The Persistence Manager is configured per Repository and can
retrieve the session by itself.
2. It's a variation of the first solution. The Manager contains only
persistence related methods but is still session-bound (it requires a
session). PersistenceManager dependencies however are initialized by
the manager itself  - for example right now the developer has to take
care of converters and query manager even though this is not his
concern but actually the PersistenceManager; the internals have been

>>You mentioned something about OJB or Hibernate in the proposal. Take a
>>look at the Session interface (org.hibernate.Session) and trim it
>>A simple interface would be:
>>Note I did not mention any path as this can be already present in the
>>XML mapping. If these basics are supported the path can be easily
>>added later.

> So, you force to have in each object, the attribute "path" - Correct ?
It's just an idea to make a prototype at the beginning and then
generalize, not the other way around. And yes, the mapping has to
contain the path (the naming or if it's an attribute/property is not

Best regards,

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