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From Martin Koci <>
Subject Re: Content Version support in Graffito
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:29:06 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:
> On 10/26/05, Martin Koci <> wrote:
>>  Previous method getVersionLabels() was mistake, because there is no
>> 'latest' version in JCR. Because version are stored as direct acyclic
>> graph there is no information which version is the 'newest'.
> With simple tests, the newest is not the version provided by
> node.getBaseVersion()  or VersionHistory.getRootVersion()
> I'm reviewing your code and I have some questions and remarks :
> 1.In the methods checkout, checkin, getVersionLabels, addVersionLabel
> : why the object versionableEntity is defined as an argument, it is
> not used in the method impl.
 versionableEntity can be used to some checks like "this object is not 
stored on path".
> I would like to  use one of the following solution:
> * either use only the path
> * or either use only the object (if this one contains the UUID or the
> path). This imply a small refactoring on the others persistenceManager
> methods (as you suggested a couple of days before).
I think JCR is 'path-oriented' (or UUID-oriented) more then 
object-oriented. Operations are performed on paths not objects. So i 
think general API must always accept path or UUID but can contain method 
operating on mapped object:

*@throws if object has no path or UUID mapping
checkin(Object entity) throws NotIdentifiableObjectException

> 2.checkin : Why to split the version number into a String[]. I think a
> simple string arg is more open : checkin(String absPath, Object
> versionableEntity, String versionLabel)
Because one version can have more labels. For example in my application 
one binary content of document has version labels '1.1' and 'B.1'
> 3. Following the jackrabbit mailing list, extra version properties
> (user, comments, ...) has to be added into the matching node.
Yes, but not in my app. I solved it with domain object Version which 
stores additional information of each version.

> christophe

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