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From Oliver Kiessler <>
Subject Re: VOTE : PersistenceManager & Mapper interface API
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 15:52:17 GMT
hi christophe,

> I just commited some code refactoring.
> Can you vote for the PersistenceManager API & the Mapper API ?
> We can expect to see some modification on thoses components when we
> will add new features.

Here is some feedback for the PersistenceManager API. First of all,
the Persistence Manager looks fine to me except that I am not sure if
it should contain the methods setupRepository(), getRepository(),
getSession(), getUser(), setJcrCustomNodeTypeCreator() and
getJcrCustomNodeTypeCreator() because they allow direct access to the
underlying JCR API and the JCR repository itself. I believe the
PersistenceManager should avoid allowing methods that circumvent the
use of the graffito object persistence mechanism. These methods would
be better off somewhere else.

+1 for the Mapper API

Currently I am having problems running the unit tests (on linux).
There is something wrong with the use of the graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd
in jcrmapping.xml ("..\dtd\graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd" doesn't work on
linux, "../dtd/graffito-jcr-mapping.dtd" is fine) and the
repository.xml. I exchanged the repository.xml config file to a more
current one and that worked. Maybe the repository.xml is out of date?

Also there is a directory "src/test-config/repository-test" that is
unnecessary. A new JCR repository is created on every test run.

There are still problems with the lucene file locking mechanism. I
think we should update to the latest Jackrabbit Snapshot (this
involves a repository.xml config change).


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