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From Randy Watler <>
Subject Re: Graffito build for Jetspeed-2 M4-SNAPSHOT
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 21:26:08 GMT
Christophe Lombart wrote:

>Maybe it is a regression. Are you using the subproject
>'jetspeed2-deploy' to deploy into J2 ? See in this subproject, there
>are some xml file uses to deploy the application.
Yes, I am using this project to deploy, albeit modified for M4.

>Let me know if you need help. I don't know if I can access to your
>modifications somewhere.
Here is the deal:

The Graffito Browser is adding these objects to the RdbmsPolicy store:


While these appear to be correctly specified and stored by the browser, 
the Graffito
security implementation is creating permission instances of this class 
type and
sending these to the AccessController.checkPermission():


Unless I am missing something, the new permissions will not be seen by
java security because the class types do not match. Of course, the initial
setup/deploy has permissions granted to /role/admin using the class and
these work as expected.

Did I miss some configuration that tells the Graffito Browser to use the
security vs. model implementations? Am I missing some nuance of java
security that would allow the model implementations to be read?



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