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From Randy Watler <>
Subject Re: Graffito build for Jetspeed-2 M4-SNAPSHOT
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 05:17:39 GMT

I have finally managed a few more cycles on this... the day job has been 
wrecking havoc on my OS time as of late.

I have the graffito portlets running for the most part on M4 now for the 
admin user, but when I grant view permission to the "/user/user" user to 
the root folder and its subfolder/children using the graffito browser 
portlet, it does not seem to take. I have verified that the 
SECURITY_PERMISSION and PRINCIPAL_PERMISSION tables are populated correctly.

Are the graffito permissions fully functional on M3, [I do not have a 
convenient M3 setup at the moment, so yes, I'm being lazy and asking 
here :-)]?



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